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Crow Island Woods in October

In fall, the trunks of the towering oak strees turn red as Virginia Creeper and Poison Ivy vines change color. Shagbark Hickory & Ash leaves are turning yellow. Goldenrod, Asters, Ox-Eye Sunflower, and a few other late wildflowers are still blooming.

Shagbark Hickory leaves turning yellow in fall
Virginia Creeper, in fall
 Virginia Creeper
Fall Colors
White Ash in fall
Virginia Creeper
Shagbark Hickory, fall
Virginia Creeper climbing an Oak in fall
Virginia Creeper
Flowers of Rough Goldenrod
Shagbark Hickory
Eastern Cottonwood
Shagbark Hickory
Virginia Creeper
American Linden
Shagbark Hickory leaves in fall

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