Princeton American Elm (Ulmus americana 'Princeton') UL-mus ah-mer-ih-KAY-nah 'Princeton'

Family Ulmaceae

Plant Data
I am a... Deciduous Perennial Tree
Where to Find It There are a couple of Princeton Elm in the very NW corner of Crow Island Woods.
How to Recognize It The Princeton elm is a fast-growing tree eventually reaching a large size. Leaves have serrated leaves with lots of narrowly separated leaf veins. Leaves often turn an attractive yellow in fall.
Why to Like The Elm was one of the quintessential American trees before Dutch Elm Disease nearly wiped the species out. The 'Princeton' cultivar exhibits good resistance to Dutch Elm Disease as well as elm beetles.
Mature Size 50 - 70 feet tall. 30 - 50 feet wide.
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Full Sun
Moisture Tolerance Medium : Widely Adaptable
Zones 3a - 9b
Bloom Period March to April
Flower Color Green
Foliage Color
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Leaf Buds:


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