Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa) [KWER-kus mak-roe-KAR-pah]

Family Fagaceae
Why Like Majestic native oak with broad-spreading crown found mostly in river valleys or low woods. Name comes from the fringed "bur" on the rim of the acorn cup. Acords are an important food source for animals.

Named Cultivars Quercus macrocarpa 'JFS-KW14' COBBLESTONE, Quercus macrocarpa 'Urban Pinnacle'
Plant Data
I am a... Deciduous Perennial Tree
Mature Size 60 - 80 feet tall. 60 - 80 feet wide.
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Full Sun
Moisture Tolerance - Medium:
Zones 3a - 8b
Tags Illinois Native
Bloom Period April
Flower Color Yellowish-Green
Animals That Use It


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