Alum Root (Heuchera richardsonii) HEW-ker-ah richardsonii

Other Names Heuchera richardsonii (NGN)
Family Saxifragaceae

If there was a contest for the most versatile plant out there, Heuchera just might win. This plant can tolerate full shade to full sun, although it does best with at least four hours of sun daily, and can grow in almost any soil and moisture conditions (within reason - don’t plant the poor guy in a pond!). Heuchera’s foliage can range from an almost-lemon-yellow to an almost-black-purple, and its dainty bell-shaped flowers dance in the breeze over its dense and mounded crown. Heuchera makes a striking “middle row” plant in the garden but can also be found in a pot. 

Heuchera overwinters beautifully in the ground (it could be classified as *almost* evergreen) and only needs a light trim-back in the spring to remove winter-damaged foliage. Its flowers will dry on their stalks in late summer and actually look quite pretty, in a steampunk kind of way, but you can snip the stalks and enjoy a freshened-up, foliage-only plant for the rest of the season. 

A few favorites include ‘Caramel’ (light green to - you guessed it - caramel foliage), ‘Dolce Cherry Truffles’ (cherry red to deep red ruffled foliage), ‘Lime Marmalade’ (yellow-green ruffled foliage), ‘Frosted Violet’ (prominent veins, violet purple foliage with a silver overcast), ‘Green Spice’ (purple veins, bright green foliage with a silver overcast), ‘Obsidian’ (very dark purple foliage), and ‘Palace Purple’ (dark green to purple to burgundy foliage). Heuchera makes a stunning mass planting or you can mix-and-match to achieve bright splashes of contrast throughout the garden.

Named Cultivars Heuchera richardsonii affinis
Plant Data
I am a... Deciduous Perennial
Mature Size 12 - 24 inches tall. 12 - 18 inches wide.
Sun Exposure Part Shade - Full Sun
Moisture Tolerance - Medium:
Zones 3a - 9b
Tags Accent, Alpine Garden, Attractive to Butterflies, Attractive to Hummingbirds, Attracts Butterflies, Attracts Hummingbirds, Attracts Pollinators, Border, Butterfly Garden, Colorful Foliage, Container, Cut Flower, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant, Eclectic Garden, Edging, Evergreen, Fall Color, Filler, Formal Garden, Grown For Attractive Foliage, Hummingbird Garden, Hummingbirds, Illinois Native, Interesting Foliage, Low Maintenance, Mass, Moist Soil, Native to North America, Non-Allergenic, Normal Soil, Perennial, Rabbit Resistant, Rock Garden, Salt Tolerant, Shade Tolerant, Thornless, Well-Drained Soil, Woodland Garden
Bloom Period June to July
Flower Color Green
Data Sheets
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