Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum) [AY-sir SAK-har-eye-num]

Family Sapindaceae
Why Like Named for the silvery undersides of its leaves, the Silver Maple is one of the tallest trees native to the Midwest, sometimes growing up to 100' tall. Grows well in mucky soils like Crow Island, but it has fallen out of favor as a landscape plant because the weak wood often splits in high winds or snow. Sap is somewhat sweet similar to Sugar Maple.

Named Cultivars Acer saccharinum 'Laciniatum', Acer saccharinum 'Silver Queen'
Plant Data
I am a... Deciduous Perennial Tree
Mature Size 50 - 70 feet tall. 40 - 60 feet wide.
Growth Rate Rapid
Moisture Tolerance Widely Adaptable
Zones 3a - 9b
Tags Wet Site Tolerant Bareroot Trees, Fall Color Trees, Fast Growing Trees, Large Trees, Shade Trees, Tall Trees
Bloom Period March (First Bloom: 34 GDD, Full Bloom: 42 GDD)
Flower Color Greenish-Yellow
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