Wellfield Botanic Gardens

1011 N. Main St.
Elkhart, IN

This botanic garden is a life-saver when you're driving across Indiana on I-90. Just a few minutes beyond the best collection of fast food (the Elkhart exit) is a relatively small, but lovely garden. Get out and go for a walk!

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Upcoming Weather

Tuesday 5/21/19 42-56°F 71%
Wednesday 5/22/19 52-81°F 47%
Thursday 5/23/19 63-80°F 14%
Friday 5/24/19 59-83°F 20%
Saturday 5/25/19 67-78°F 73%
Sunday 5/26/19 57-73°F 75%
Monday 5/27/19 54-68°F 32%
Tuesday 5/28/19 44-80°F 27%


Photos at Wellfield Botanic Gardens

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