Lincoln Park Zoo

2001 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL

During the summer, this free public zoo contains some great landscaped areas with a fair number of identification tags. It's adjacent to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, so you can enjoy both in one go. Bonus: animals, too!

Upcoming Weather

Thursday 12/12/19 21-42°F 10% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Friday 12/13/19 33-39°F 13% FROST WARNING - Non-native Annuals or Tender Perennials should be covered.
Saturday 12/14/19 23-35°F 33% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Sunday 12/15/19 19-25°F 5% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Monday 12/16/19 23-31°F 44% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Tuesday 12/17/19 11-31°F 18% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Wednesday 12/18/19 7-21°F 4% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Thursday 12/19/19 21-37°F 1% HARD FREEZE WARNING


Photos at Lincoln Park Zoo

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