Garfield Park Conservatory

300 N Central Park Ave
Chicago, IL

This giant greenhouse complex is great year round, showcasing non-native plants -- ferns, palms, desert plants, aroids, and much more. There are also two nice outdoor gardens. Amazingly, it's free (though donations are welcomed)!

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Upcoming Weather

Tuesday 12/10/19 17-25°F 10% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Wednesday 12/11/19 13-25°F 6% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Thursday 12/12/19 23-44°F 5% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Friday 12/13/19 32-40°F 17% FROST WARNING - Non-native Annuals or Tender Perennials should be covered.
Saturday 12/14/19 20-38°F 39% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Sunday 12/15/19 14-25°F 3% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Monday 12/16/19 23-34°F 77% HARD FREEZE WARNING
Tuesday 12/17/19 8-27°F 34% HARD FREEZE WARNING


Photos at Garfield Park Conservatory

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